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The Potato Story is an educational resource for teachers and parents of children studying Key Stage 2 Science. McCain Foods have developed the programme to complement the Potato Story Bus roadshow which tours primary schools, teaching students about the origins of potatoes, their life cycles and about balanced diets. The site is an educational extension of this programme. There are 3 clear separate sections on the site for Kids, Teachers and Parents all aligned to the national curriculum.

Kids' section

4 Modules containing educational games and interactive animations. These resources can be used in the classroom, in the IT suite or at home. They cover the following: Plant Growth, Plant Reproduction, Farming and Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Teachers' section

This section includes a clear navigation and instructions for all of the online activities. Each of the 4 modules is accompanied by Activity Sheets, Lesson Plans, quizzes and additional resources in the form of printable PDFs.

Parents' Section

Activities for parents to continue education with kids at home. Including potato recipes and tips on growing your own potatoes.