Potatoes are virtually fat free – they contain 66 calories per medium portion of new boiled potatoes.

Marie Antoinette of France wore potato flowers in her hair!

Cooking Up a Storm!

You could try this fantastic recipe at home – it's easy to make, delicious and if eaten with fruit, salad or vegetables, can be part of a balanced meal!

Health and Safety

  • Wash your hands and surfaces carefully before starting food preparation.
  • Wash food carefully before cooking.
  • Always take care to follow allergy advice on food packages and labels.
  • Always ask an adult to help you when using the oven or cooker.

Potato Mice

Ingredients (makes 2 mice)
  • 1 large baking potato
  • 1 stick of celery
  • 2 chives
  • Raisins
  • A small handful of grated cheese
  • Bake the potatoes in the oven for 45 minutes at Gas Mark 6.
  • Take the potatoes out of the oven and cut in half. Spoon out the potato and mix with some of the celery (finely chopped) and cheese.
  • Put back in the oven for 5 minutes or until the cheese has melted.
  • Take the potatoes out of the oven and decorate the top using 2 slices of celery for the ears, 2 raisins for the eyes, a raisin for the nose with the chives as whiskers.
  • You have made your very own, very tasty, potato mouse!

"Starchy foods should make up about a third of the food we eat. Most people should be eating more starchy foods. So if you want to eat healthily try to think about the proportions of the different foods you eat in a day.
Starchy foods are a good source of energy and the main source of a range of nutrients in our diet. As well as starch, these foods contain fibre, calcium, iron and B vitamins."

From The Food Standards Agency

Children enjoy cooking and these recipes are fun, healthy and easy to do. Not only will it help your child's understanding of science, it is a great way to practise numeracy – through weighing – and literacy - through reading the recipes. Of course, you'll have great fun together too!