Improving the health of the nation has never been more at the forefront with the government encouraging the nation to Change 4 life. School children are a natural starting point for education initiatives to help improve health; teaching children about good nutrition and healthier lifestyles will help them make more informed and better choices both now and in the future.

Some healthy eating messages are already making an impact, for example children now are more aware that they should be eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Where there appears to be a job to do is on understanding food provenance, with the research from the British Heart Foundation revealing 1 in 3 children do not know chips come from potatoes.

Child psychologist Richard Woolfson believes greater understanding of food provenance and preparation is crucial in teaching children about healthy eating, "Lack of food knowledge and a misunderstanding of what constitutes 'healthy food' may have a serious impact on the eating habits of children. The Potato Story is a great way of teaching kids about healthy food and where it is from, in a fun and interactive way. This will help them grow up with a good understanding of healthy eating."

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The Potato Story

Did you know that all McCain potatoes have a Potato Passport? Why not download yours here.

This website contains four interactive and easy-to-use modules about plant and potato growth, and healthy eating too, covering a wide section of the KS2 Programme of Study for Sc 2 – Life Processes and Living things and Sc 1 - Experimental and Investigative Science.

The resource will also allow for cross-curricular links through ICT (Exploring simulations), literacy (with VAK opportunities including drama) and numeracy (measuring, collecting and presenting data).

The Potato Story Bus

The Potato Story bus has now retired, having been on the road since 2007. It has visited 189 UK primary schools and taught almost 25,000 children about where potatoes come from. The Potato Story bus has been donated to the Ryedale Folk Museum in Yorkshire to be used as an additional learning resource area.

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